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Background:  States across the country are doing away with failed policies prohibiting cannabis and seeing immediate positive change. By the end of 2020, Illinois saw over $200 million in revenue from the legal sales of cannabis. It’s estimated that Iowa cannabis reform would generate $50 million annually in new state revenue.  As of this year, 19 states in the nation have legalized fully and 27 states have decriminalized cannabis. Iowa must seize the opportunity to rebuild our economy and futures by joining the many states who have already taken steps forward to legalize. 


Regulating legal use of cannabis for people 21 years of age and older provides the opportunity for our state to ensure the product on the market is as safe and reliable as possible. Regulation will also help to realign our criminal justice system which will free up law enforcement resources for more pressing challenges affecting our communities such as gun violence and protecting our children. We will work to remedy the harm, both past and present, caused by the criminalization of cannabis which has disproportionately impacted marginalized groups like people of color and low-socioeconomic groups. As we work towards these goals, we will ensure that people of color and small businesses have a strong stake in the inevitable economic windfalls of legalization.


Deidre on the issues

  • End the costly and unsuccessful prohibition of cannabis.

  • Legalize and regulate cannabis for adult use – similarly to alcohol.

  • Support small businesses, especially those operated by people of color, to ensure that legalized cannabis becomes a viable business opportunity for more than just corporations.

  • Use revenue from legal cannabis as a reinvestment in communities disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of cannabis.

  • Ensure that the tax revenue created from cannabis sales goes directly to supporting four key areas:

    • Education

    • Mental Health Care

    • Paid Parental Leave

    • Substance Abuse Prevention

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