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Background: In an average year, 302 people die and 489 are wounded by guns in Iowa. Even one death caused by gun violence is too many and Iowa is no exception. No community should experience this — and yet gun violence is happening far too often in our state. In 2021, Reynolds removed the commonsense requirement for requiring a permit to purchase and carry a gun in Iowa. There are now 28 Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties in Iowa. It is high time for common sense gun legislation which will keep Iowans safe and out of harm's way. 


Deidre on the issues

  • Increase the minimum age for sales of assault rifles to 21 years old.

  • Reinstate permit requirements for purchase of weapons and require comprehensive background checks for all gun sales.

  • Repeal the dangerous “stand your ground” law.

  • Enact a Gun Violence Restraining Order which allows domestic violence victims to temporarily remove guns and prevent purchase of weapons by individuals who pose a threat.

  • Require gun owners to report lost or stolen gun to assist law enforcement from keeping weapons off the street and enact a civil penalty for failure to report within 30 days.

  • Require safety measures for the storage of all guns and the use of trigger locks to help keep our children and those with mental illness safe; with a civil penalty for failure to report safety plan.

  • Implement bipartisan Red Flag laws to allow police to petition the court for removal of firearms from persons who may present a danger to others or themselves.

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