"Iowa is my home, and as your Governor,  I will work hard for you because I know that Iowa is worth the work. I am committed to ensuring that our state and its people are supported and our communities are strengthened. There is something special about this state. and as I am traveling county by county, I’m not the only one who believes that. I’ve met Iowans who take great pride in this state, however imperfect it may be, they see the good in their communities and the potential for our future. 

Iowa has built small businesses, Iowa has built national education models, we built the first computer, Iowa has built a thriving agricultural system, Iowa has built good hard working people, Iowa has built fields of opportunity. We aren’t done building. We’ve got work to do, because Iowa is worth the work."   

- Deidre


In Iowa we have a skills gap, a worker shortage and continue to see a loss of jobs in our rural and urban communities. We must implement a true, comprehensive economic plan that will keep jobs here, attract new manufacturing and technology jobs, strengthen small businesses, welcome unions and their support of workers rights, ensure a sustainable wage for all Iowa families, and close the skills gap through training and education to Iowa’s untapped talent.  



Voting is our most basic, democratic right and must be protected. It is time to strengthen our voting system, making it safe and accessible so ALL Iowans have equal access to the ballot box and can rightfully participate in our democracy. Iowa has always positioned itself as a leader, now is the time to lead by example and ensure the protection of all Iowans’ voting rights.



Every Iowan deserves a first class education that prepares them for a career and/or higher education. It is time to fully fund our education system at every level, including universal Pre-K and child care, affordable colleges and trade programs, and prioritizing equitable pay and benefits for Iowa educators. 



Iowa is 45th in the nation in broadband speed. Our state must live up to its potential and finally become a competitive technological hub by expanding broadband, increasing speeds, and welcoming the technologically driven jobs of the future. 



Access to quality affordable healthcare and mental health services is imperative. Unfortunately it is out of reach for too many, including our rural communities. The COVID-19 Pandemic has unveiled the inadequacies in Iowa’s healthcare systems; now more than ever we must make sure our healthcare system meets the needs of Iowans today and improves the future of health and wellness for every Iowan and healthcare practitioner.



Iowa has always been a place of fruitful soil and fields of opportunity. With the very pressing threat of climate change affecting our world, Iowa must move forward as a leader with an environmental justice plan that centers on protecting our rural communities, communities of color, communities with disabilities, our children and the sick. Protecting our waterways while creating good paying renewable energy jobs will enhance our lives and further strengthen our economy. 



Our rural communities are integral to the success of our state. We must invest in our rural areas so that people can live in the communities they love; from sustainable farms to thriving town squares with small business development, jobs, technological upgrades, quality education and accessible health care. Neglecting the needs of rural Iowans only moves this state farther back rather than forward.